Cancer Screening

Cancer Screening

Gynecologists routinely screen for cervical, breast and ovarian cancer during routine annual visits.

Cervical cancer screening occurs via pap smear. In the event of abnormal pap, biopsy may be required and we have a colposcopy suite dedicated to this procedure since early detection of precancerous cervical changes are key to the prevention of cervical cancer.

Breast cancer screening is accomplished by clinical breast exam performed by your physician and with screening mammogram starting at age 40. We have mammography conveniently located in the same building as our office but are also happy to refer you to a breast or imaging center of your preference.

There are no validated ovarian cancer screening tools to date. During your annual exam, however, your physician does perform an internal exam to make sure no obvious pelvic masses are noted. In the event of signs or symptoms concerning for ovarian cancer, we have transvaginal sonography available in our office for further evaluation.