Ultimately, we just want to take care of people. We want to help them be healthier and live fuller lives. That means different things for different people. For some, it will mean keeping a patient and her baby safe while she grows her family. For others, it will mean helping her navigate the different challenges each season of life brings in the healthiest way possible. We just want to be there and put our medical expertise to work for our patients.

At MidSouth OBGYN, we believe there can be and must be a balance between providing compassionate patient-centered care and applying medical expertise to help patients make safe, wise decisions.

We are a group of six physicians, but we feel a patient’s needs are best understood and met when she has one physician taking care of her. Therefore, you will be seen by your physician when you come in for an appointment except when that physician is unavailable, in which case a visit with one of our other physicians will be offered. Seeing our patients every time, instead of rotating them, helps us get to know and understand our patients better.

We have served this area for over 50 years and continue to do so with pride. We are continually evaluating how we can structure our services to better meet the needs of our patients. We are currently working on the integration of our patient portal and appreciate your patience as we undergo this process.